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We tailor custom IT support solutions to your business by first accessing all of your systems and processes as a free consultation. When we understand your needs, we can optimally use our extensive experience and knowledge to help you leverage the latest technologies that fit for your company. This approach will give you optimal competitive advantage in your business and get you the most value for your IT investment.

We firmly believe that the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been more applicable than to modern networks and computer systems. In everything we do, we aim to be “Proactive” in designing, building and maintaining computer systems. Reactive support wastes your company’s time and money which lets small maintenance issues turn into huge system wide problems.

Our support model has been proven and adapted to networks of any size from several PC’s and a server to multi-site corporate networks. We have a vast assortment of latest technology enterprise class tools like remote systems monitoring and management, incident ticketing, asset management, history and documentation, cloud hosting and backup, virtualization technologies, and monthly reporting to show you exactly what you are getting for your investment in Nuvek.

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VEKTR® software makes it possible for field inspections, audits, and other functions to be managed in real time. These procedures can be automated, and VEKTR® software is flexible enough to be adapted to each company's unique needs, including food safety, regulatory compliance, human resource, and risk management functions.

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FIN®Nuvek's ERP Solution paradigm has shifted from a buzz word acronym of the corporate elite to an absolute necessity in even the smallest of businesses. Your information needs to be shared by all of your people; accounting, management, marketing, human resources, customers, vendors and more. Development in an arena this complex requires solid design, practical solutions, and real-world modeling that extends beyond a couple of months of analysis. FIN is backed by 15 years of experience in enterprise wide systems, and is built on an IBM midrange application server that offers rock-solid stability.


From complexity to simplicity ... a long way

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    Our Humble Beginnings

    Founded in 1983 as a successful IBM vendor for midrange solutions under the Klein Allen name achieved a partnership with the Big Blue. In 1994 following a strategic client division New World Software was founded until 2001 when two new partners came to the company: Varsity Facility Services (former customer since 1983) and Mike Barnes (former business partner). With this excellent team, the association became Nuvek LLC, as we know the company today with the motto "New Vision In Technology".

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    A new competitor is Born

    New ideas made the financial ERP software better and VEKTR was born, Business Intelligence and other services were added to the services portfolio. We successfully pioneered on SaaS web apps on the cloud since 2001 creating VEKTR flagship product and other SaaS Web apps and services on the cloud.

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    Becoming a World Class Software Vendor

    The Nuvek's customer portfolio has been steadily growing, permeating the Franchise World, food chains, facilities maintenance and service industry, airports, School Districts, Private Schools, Car Dealerships, master franchises, health care, the largest phone company in the US and others. Nuvek's products continued to be constantly upgraded to use the bleeding edge technologies having products for platforms such as IBM i (AS400), Linux, Windows Servers, Palm, Pocket PC, Android and iOS.

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    Year 2016

    Phase Two Expansion and Diversification

    Currently Nuvek is a benchmark for web and mobile - apps, Nuvek solutions meet the most demanding requirements in the cleaning industry such as the inspections among others.

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We help your business build software that drives revenue and delivers seamless customer experiences.

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Kirk Magleby


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We help your business build software that drives revenue and delivers seamless customer experiences.