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VEKTR® software makes it possible for field inspections, audits, and other functions to be managed in real time. These procedures can be automated, and VEKTR® software is flexible enough to be adapted to each company's unique needs, including food safety, regulatory compliance, human resource, and risk management functions.

VEKTR® lets you customize your site.

With VEKTR® the inspections are your questions, your format, your organization chart, your logo and many other customizable aspects. In the beginning, Nuvek will put your data in for quick start-up, then Nuvek will teach you how to populate your own data, making it possible to run your own site. Once you are trained, you will add your own locations, put in your own users, create your own inspection templates and other functionalities. You will control your own VEKTR® site.

The VEKTR® Inspections Module allows you to manage: Quality, Safety, Compliance, Consistency, Inventory.

Our Inspection Templates are designed to be built and modified to meet the needs of your organization. Due to the customizable nature of our templates, many of our end users have extended the use of the Inspection Module to include:

The sky’s the limit. If you are currently conducting inspections, audits, checklists on paper, contact us and see how VEKTR® can eliminate those paper inspections and help automate your operations.

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FIN®Nuvek's ERP Solution paradigm has shifted from a buzz word acronym of the corporate elite to an absolute necessity in even the smallest of businesses. Your information needs to be shared by all of your people; accounting, management, marketing, human resources, customers, vendors and more. Development in an arena this complex requires solid design, practical solutions, and real-world modeling that extends beyond a couple of months of analysis. FIN is backed by 15 years of experience in enterprise wide systems, and is built on an IBM midrange application server that offers rock-solid stability.

Recent developments in internet communications have opened up new avenues for businesses. To compete in today's global marketplace, your business relies more heavily than ever on web technologies. Email, intranets, extranets; all of these essential components are already in place in FIN, and are available to help you gain the edge that you need in your environment.
Have you reached the limits of your current Enterprise System? Do you need more functionality, capacity, or information? FIN is the right answer for your organization. With over 30 modules, you can rest assured that we can meet your needs now, and for years to come. Don't let your success be jeopardized by an insufficient ERP package.

Our FIN ERP package is available as web-enabled modules. Now, for a nominal monthly fee, your company can have access to one of the most robust Enterprise Resource Management packages available. You don't have to worry about spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenses to purchase servers, software, and the associated implementation, training and maintenance costs. You will not be financially locked into a long term commitment. You won't be bound to a package that never could meet your needs. Our modules have been used by dozens of multi-million dollar companies from diverse industries. But they all have something in common: they write checks, they send out invoices, they have employees, and they have customers. If this describes your organization, and you need a better solution for managing your accounting, customer relations, and personnel needs, you need to check out this ASP option.

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